Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator
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  •         Virtual Nanny is here to manage home and kids when Mom, Dad are out of station in the Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator. This story is about a virtual ...

Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator

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Virtual Nanny is here to manage hom [详情]

Virtual Nanny is here to manage home and kids when Mom, Dad are out of station in the Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator. This story is about a virtual Nanny Babysitting life that is caretaker in the roleplaying games. This game is full of entertainment and joyful activities like caring of little boy and baby, cook delicious food, washed dirty clothes etc. Clean House and maintain house object carefully while playing this Thrilling virtual simulation. Enjoy this amazing Babysitter game with brand new excitement! You will forget all other virtual Nanny game after playing this Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator. It is wonderful game which is based on different thrilling levels. The life of a virtual Nanny is very difficult to survive in the city. Be careful while you are cooking in the kitchen and feed the little kid in this thrilling family simulator. You can get new life experience while playing virtual nanny babysitter and got all skills to manage baby care activities by yourself. Gameplay: Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator is thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you play as virtual Nanny and perform house task with the help of surviving skills of caretaker. Different adventurous and amazing task made this game more special for nanny family simulator. Make yummy breakfast in the kitchen, go to kid’s bedroom wake them up & get them ready for the school in this nanny Baby Sitting Simulator. Drop kid to the school and buy some ingredients for house. Change little baby diapers and clean them while playing Virtual Nanny Family game. Maintain your sweet home and protect yourself from different danger activities. Many more thrilling missions are waiting for you. Being a virtual Nanny is not an easy task but gameplay is quite easy which will help you to manage all problems which come in your way while playing babysitting family game. You can perform crazy household activities like make delicious food for family, clean the rest room and maintain book shelf in the library. Play with kids and go to their bedroom for sleeping with twins kids. Thrilling missions are ready to blast the game in virtual world with the help of your surviving techniques while playing virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator. Key Features: ? Be a real Nanny by managing all the household Activities ? Take care of new Twins born as virtual babysitter in daycare game ? Serve the delicious food to the Happy Family ? Maintain beautiful house in attractive environment ? HD Graphics with smooth controls ? Addictive gameplay and exciting missions Virtual Nanny Babysitting Family Simulator is specially made for all family games lovers. Virtual nanny babysitting is an amazing game with interesting and thrilling missions. Take appointment from baby doctor & take twins baby to virtual doctor clinic to keep family kids happy & healthy. Smooth controls and entertaining missions made this game addictive. Have fun with the happy cute kids & make sure they do not make a mess in the sweet home.


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