US Army Commando War Training
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  •         The best of military & army training academy 2017 game is here to join US army commando duty, Army gun shooting training and military ground forces in one game....

US Army Commando War Training

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The best of military & army trainin [详情]

The best of military & army training academy 2017 game is here to join US army commando duty, Army gun shooting training and military ground forces in one game. The army guns shoot training used in this adventures cadet training school game will definitely make it the most stunning adventure as a soldier job. US Army training soldiers will set a perfect example of army and military training course. Prepare yourself to clear assault course US army basic training and become a US soldier. Join National Guard military academy to pass initial entry training in US Army shooting training Game. We welcome you to the army commando training school where we will be transforming cadets into soldiers at us army war commando academy. You have joined academy normally known as a military boot camp. To be a daring soldier, you have to clear all training courses in martial training academy. Us army commando war training game provides different army shooting training exercises to be strong combat soldier. In us army commando war training academy, basic shooting is the first step of training as a military soldier. Follow all the commands & directions from your team leader. Practice to be a trained shooter to achieve all levels. Improve your time management skill by completing levels within the time limits. Play again and again to finish the commando survival mission within the minimum time. Army commando are specially trained for survival missions where the soldiers are against you. The real pride is never easy to get, so be ready for the real hard time combat against the guerilla squad. Your job as the army commando is to eliminate resistance, rescue hostages, get the hold of weaponry and stop the illegal shipment. Whoever gets in your duty, is a hurdle and real army commando knows how to overcome hurdles. This is the real army survival mission so be prepared for a survival war. Get ready for combat war training against guerilla squad in the immersive situation. Trained as us army war commando, you have been a part of us armed forces for a long time now. On this secret stealth spy & survival mission, an army commando services are required. You have been trained at a US army training school and with sniper shooting and with multiple gun handling skills have been hired on this stealth operation. Use your special war training skills you learned at the US war training school. US Army Commando War Training Gameplay Features: ? Play as US Army War Training Commando ? Thrill of Playing as an Army Stealth Spy ? Multiple Weapons like Sniper, AK and Assault Guns ? Aim, Shoot and Take Headshots ? Different army mission to clearing course ? Follow the Drill Sergeant instructions. ? Intuitive & smooth controls ? Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay ? Realistic Military training camp Environment. So what are you waiting for? Download the “US Army Commando War Training” 3D Game and enjoy the army combat training experience of real shooting in 2017 military cadets training adventures game.


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