Uphill Rush New York
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  •         Try the newest addition to Uphill Rush, the world’s most addictive, visually stunning, and critically acclaimed racing game series. Prepare yourself for unfor...

Uphill Rush New York

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Try the newest addition to Uphill R [详情]

Try the newest addition to Uphill Rush, the world’s most addictive, visually stunning, and critically acclaimed racing game series. Prepare yourself for unforgettable rides and real racing madness . This isn't yet another time killer that's easy to play and difficult to master. It’s a true unicorn among stunt, racing, and sliding games. This is the ultimate bike blasting, hovercraft sliding, car crashing, and skateboard flipping experience that will kill time like no other game. Are you a fan of extreme competition? If so, the multiplayer mode will allow you to battle and blitz your opponents in the world's most vivid and exciting racing game. How quick can you conquer the leaderboard? Try the PvP mode and find out today. Do you want to work on your skills and test your reflexes? Then our new single player mode is the right choice for you. Pick a challenge and keep practicing until you master the entire game. It will never get boring! Crash through obstacles, flip while you perform stunts, and catch bonuses as you fly through the air. Discover new adventures along the way, and you'll become a true legend in Uphill Rush Racing. Explore completely new tracks that will take you to some of the most exciting areas in the USA. You'll get to visit? Santa Monica Bay and New York City . Immerse yourself in these beautiful surroundings while you enjoy state of the art graphics that are a true roller coaster for your senses. This simple mini racing game will impress you with its beautiful 3D style. Pimp your car, bike, skateboard, tank, unicorn, and so much more while you try to become a legend on the Uphill Rush leaderboard. Upgrade both the style and abilities of your bike, hovercraft, motorbike, and whatever else you've always dreamed of competing as. A superhero? A unicorn? If you can name it, we have it! Features: Discover two brand new and very beautiful worlds: New York City and Santa Monica Bay. Battle , blitz and, bash your opponents in the PvP (multiplayer) mode. Ghost racing enabled. Challenge yourself in the single player mode. Test your reflexes, agility, and speed in this addictive mini racing game. Upgrade your bike, motorbike, FR, jet, car, skateboard, tank, hovercraft, and more. Strategize by optimizing your vehicle. Choose between speed, strength, and acceleration before you begin the racing madness. Customize your look and show off your style. Master crazy stunts and unlock new bonuses. Don’t wait! Discover this brand new mini racing game from the creators of the legendary Uphill Rush: Water Park Racing and Thrill Rush: Roller Coaster Racing. Uphill Rush: USA Racing is a combination of everything you love about racing games. Whether it’s FR, bike, skateboard, or jet car stunts, the madness never ends in this versatile and exciting mini racing game. Play it Now for Free!

开发者:Spil Games

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