Underworld: Crazy run adventure
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  •         Get ready to fun and run! Watch out, the giant pixel boulder right behind you! Get out of the underworld temple and run as fast, as your block legs can. Avoid d...

Underworld: Crazy run adventure

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Get ready to fun and run! Watch out [详情]

Get ready to fun and run! Watch out, the giant pixel boulder right behind you! Get out of the underworld temple and run as fast, as your block legs can. Avoid different deadly traps and turns, run and jump, collect coins to customize your running man and try to find the way out of the dungeon. Our game is a Runner - one of the most popular genre among adventure games. You escaped from temple, but adventure is not over yet. The pixel underground is long, dark and dangerous and every turn can be the last. Be watchful, in this one of the free fun games you need a good reaction speed. 7 reasons to download our run game: Super square pixel style of the dungeon 28 runner skins for your man Intuitive control with just one finger It’s an unbelievable mix of addicting games, fun games, cool games and running games Fun for long with pixel run in 3d Dynamic clicker with various traps and obstacles: quicksand, lava, stalagmites and etc Everyday bonuses All about our running app: Funny run Our runner app is one of the fun games for when your bored and we prepared dozens of funny moments. What kind of? Set running game and see for yourself. And be sure, you'll like such crazy run! Pixel many-faced runner See this sparkly coins in runner game? Try to get them all to buy a unique skin for your running man. Become a magician, ninja or a medieval warrior! This one of the pixel run games contains 28 different skins, so you always can choose, what to wear! Pixel clicker ranning quest Ran, jump and don’t lose any turn! Rob the temple and try to escape from this underworld quickly as possible. And beware of the pixel growing blocks, rolling rock and others obstacles in such awesome clicker games. Clicker online and offline To become the one of the best free games we add in kliker a daily bonuses and offline mode. So you can enjoy this one of the dungeon cool games for free and everywhere! Cool running with stunning music The ambient sounds of this one of the 3D running games will keep you in lite suspense. But how else when you have a huge boulder rolling behind you? Don’t worry, in awesome games for free there is no blood, so such running games are good for kids as well. We recommend to download our super mix of funny games, adventure games free, runner games and chasing games and taste all its benefits! We’re sure you’ll like it!


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