Undead SIayer 2
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  •         Undead SIayer 2 will take you back to the Middle Ages to read the story of the killers and the pervert. It combines the features of fighting action, complete st...

Undead SIayer 2

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Undead SIayer 2 will take you back [详情]

Undead SIayer 2 will take you back to the Middle Ages to read the story of the killers and the pervert. It combines the features of fighting action, complete stages and role-playing games together to have this exciting action-fighting game! Slayer and Samurai fight and kill the undead. With swordsmanship, swordsmen destroy the undeads easily by the sharp sword and the iron blade, and the soul will be free! Undead SIayer is being developed by small independent MobileBits. The game is still under development and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to shape this free game with us to turn the game into a top-notch success and be awarded with many awards. In this action game of darkness, warriors can develop your character. Ninja Warriors can be improved: your statistics and equipped with lethal weapons, rare armor, powerful magic. In the dark, we need to fight. Undead is always like darkness. Undead will die, slayer will be the winner and you will be the best player! Be the king of the street, fight to survive the medieval battle. Ues all weapons you have to fight and shine. Collect gold and jade, you can use Jade to buy swords, weapons and beautiful costumes in the game. Be brave, the hero always wins! There you can do whatever you want, spend your time and enjoy the great action game. Fight for freedom, that is your battle. Are you a ninja or a slayer? You are a warrior, you are the strongest assassin ever! ? Note: You can collect a lot of Jade and gold, and use your gold to buy more Jade! Features: - Medieval-themed environment - Smooth, easy, addictive. - Special cool skills! - Each character can be transferred for a stronger role than free. - Role playing experience, a lot of combat action packed mission. - Very great skills: running, walking, jumping and attack mode, you will love it. - Great story - The real 3D scene! - 20 different heroes: Choose your play style from melee warriors to many mages. - Five different game modes in legendary missions including runtime, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss battles. The races include Demon and Human coming soon. - Classic games & exclusive fighting scenes - Unique combo system! - Sound realistic fight! - Great visuals and sound effects. - The development of personality Download now and enjoy a great action game.


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