Unblock the Lath Free
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  •         Unblock the Lath Free is the world #1 interesting and brain training puzzle game, for free. What you need to do is to get the special wood out of the maze from ...

Unblock the Lath Free

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Unblock the Lath Free is the world [详情]

Unblock the Lath Free is the world #1 interesting and brain training puzzle game, for free. What you need to do is to get the special wood out of the maze from the Exit Gate. Move the obstacles in the maze, find the escaping way for the special wood. Unblock the Lath Free has more than 10,000 missions, from easy mode to hard mode, no matter to kill time with easy missions or to challenge yourself with hard missions, it worth hundreds of hours to keep your brain thinking! How to play: Move the special wood to the exit from the maze Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side Vertical blocks can be moved up and down We have 4 classical modes in this unblock puzzle maze game, kill time in easy modes, or immerse yourself in the difficult modes. The less movements you take, the shorter time you use, the higher score you can get, and win the best score in 3 stars, for free. If you are not satisfied with the score, you can also revisit the mission, for free. We also have a ranking system, for free, and you can use it to compete with friends, family members or other users. Easy Mission Game: Best choice for leisure (killing time), and also good for children and the olds to train their brains. Without movements counting, also no time limitation, you can spend as much movements and time as possible in this puzzle maze game. Everyone can move the special wood out to exit, and get high score. Medium Mission Game: Limited movements to complete the puzzle game, think deeper about every movement you take, find the best way in maze and earn up to 3 stars’ score. Challenging Mission Game: Want to compete with your family members or friends, this mode is the best choice. Move the special wood out of the maze as soon as possible in limited time. Difficult Mission Game: Most suitable mode for challenging yourself. You can only take a few of movements in limited time. Focus on and release your intelligence in these hard mode. Features: Plenty of Modes: easy to hard, choose the suitable mode in Unblock the Lath Free, move the wood out the maze from the exit and get higher score, both starters and experts can achieve their goals in it More than 10,000 Missions: one of the biggest number of missions among all puzzle maze games, for free. Unblock the Lath Free is waiting for you to get addictive in the exciting missions Multiplayer Mode: compete with your family and friends in Unblock the Lath Free, follow the user that you are interested in, fight for higher score New Puzzles: Unblock the Lath Free has 100 initial classic maze puzzles and once you finished them, you can get 1 new puzzle everyday for free Sync System: want to update your records in different devices? We have the sync system, for free, only if you log in your account, you can transfer the game achievement (score) between iphone, ipad and android easily Daily Reward: Unblock the Lath Free provides various rewards everyday for higher score, such as more movements, longer time, only if you open the game everyday Ranking System: you can get one score in every mission and it will be recorded in our ranking system, where you can compete with other users. Train your brain in the puzzle and get higher score Plenty of Milestones: try to achieve to the milestones, and you can get more classic rewards in Unblock the Lath Free, for free Friendly Reminder: Unblock the Lath Free has movement guiding system to help you move the wood out from the puzzle and all are for free In-App Purchase: purchase props in the app of Unblock the Lath Free, such as more movements or longer time, to help move the wood out the exit from the maze Undo System: undo your movements, for free, figure out each puzzle for higher score Stop your boring life after work everyday, be addictive in Unblock the Lath Free; Help your children with brain training, choose this Unblock the Lath Free; Prevent mental deterioration for the olds, Unblock the Lath Free is the best choice. Download it now for free, just enjoy!


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