Truth or Dare Valentine
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  •         TRUTH OR DARE Truth or Dare Valentine or Spin the bottle is a game specifically made for Valentine day. Its a best couple game in which you can give romantic t...

Truth or Dare Valentine

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TRUTH OR DARE Truth or Dare Valent [详情]

TRUTH OR DARE Truth or Dare Valentine or Spin the bottle is a game specifically made for Valentine day. Its a best couple game in which you can give romantic task to your partner. Also useful when you have more couples in party. Just spin the bottle and complete challenging tasks. LOVE CALCULATOR looking for your true love? Do you know how much of your lover or friend loves you? Come and try the True love Calculator! Just enter couple name and calculate love/bonding between you and your partner After that you will get the result. This app design for: ? Lover ? Friends ? Husband wife ? Boy Friend Girl Friend ? Family Members GREETING CARD MAKER - Share and care All Wishes & Greetings Images Now get free wishes and greetings/good morning/good night images and share your feeling to your friends and family just in a single click. Easy way to share greetings to your loved one. JOKES - Boy Friend/Girl Friend Jokes Enjoy Funny Jokes Pictures and share with your family and friend FEATURES & CONTROLS ------------------------ 1. spin the bottle 2. A game for couples 3. Option to add or delete truth or dares 3. With 2 options Spin the bottle and Auto mode. 4. Option to change bottle at any time 5. multiplayer games - Play up to 7 players 6 . Set player names - perfect for large groups games and party games 7 . Enjoy regular updates 8 . truth and dare app is Completely free game with no restriction. 9 . Easily track of looser of the game. 10. Truth or Dare adult specifically made for adults 11 Truth and Dares questions list 11. Minimum 2 players are required 12. Option to create your own Custom truth or dare questions. 13. truth and dare app offline to play 14. Sound on/Off feature 15. couple games 16. awesome scoreboard UI 17. FUN!!! & Entertaining 18. With Love calculator 19. Good Morning Messages 20. Valentine Frames 21. Good Night Messages 22. Girl Friend boy friend Jokes. 23. Frames for valentine. 24. Good Morning Noon Evening Night everyday wishes 25. Husband wife jokes. 26. Birthday Wishes 27. Funny Frames 28. Truth or Dare Adult dares So truth or dare app will help you to play anywhere Without any need of real bottle,So enjoy spin the bottle and truth or dare


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