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  •         Well, your name is hero ! today is your day, you are the fastest taxi driver in the world, you are a difficult task man . The passengers are late, you have to r...


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Well, your name is hero ! today is [详情]

Well, your name is hero ! today is your day, you are the fastest taxi driver in the world, you are a difficult task man . The passengers are late, you have to reach them in time, this is your loyal mission , On the other hand you will receive the highest financial reward and the highest fare for each passenger in the town . There is no limit to your speed in this game, do what you want and see fit, what concerns us is the safety of passengers, including businessmen, women, and beautiful women and single mothers. In this game it is very easy to feel the ecstasy of the game and to find the fun you are looking for a long time ago, because you will enter the world of racing in time with all international standards and quality , 3D and realistic to be part of the atmosphere of the luxury taxi , With a pointing arrow as a guide on the road and the path you should follow to keep out of the way . In order to increase your enthusiasm, this game contains a lot of roads and landscapes that you have not seen before, all you have to do is to pass the level level, and at each level will move from one environment to another . Speed makes the driver as zombie as he fight to record the race track score , this is exactly what happens to you at the time of the game. Do not take this seriously. You have to listen to this racing entertainment so that it does not affect your health. You may become addicted to this game as if you were addicted to smoking or drugs , and if you enter to this game , you can't snap out of it even if you visit the Dr or the Police . The dream become true today with realistic texturing and characters and moto on the road with amazing views . Also this game is free , you can play from anyplace on the world without data or Wifi . ★Features : ------ PLAY FOR FREE ------ CLASSIFICATIONS - try to make the best score in the world ------ EASY TOKENS AND EASY COINS ------ HANDLE ASSISTANCE: HID compatible joysticks ------ FULL HD SCREEN / 60 FPS ------ FUEL FREE ★INSTRUCTIONS : ------ FOLLOW THE ARROW ABOVE THE TAXI ------ DO NOT GO OUT OF THE ROAD ( GAME OVER ) ------ PAY ATTENTION TO THE FUEL CHARGE ------ YOU CAN FIX THE TAXI WHENEVER YOU WANT ------ TRY TO BE A PROFESSIONAL IN DRIVING UNTIL YOU EARN MONEY AND MOVE FROM LEVEL TO HIGH LEVEL AND HIGH CAR Game apps are available on the ad and no in-app purchases are required to progress. ? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / SELLERS ENTERTAINEMENT


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