Sweet Road - 超酷三消游戏
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  •         “Help! I need rescue!” Bored of the same old bejeweled, match three games? SWEET ROAD is a tasty, exciting, BRAND NEW match 3 puzzle game! Help George the Gi...

Sweet Road - 超酷三消游戏

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“Help! I need rescue!” Bored of th [详情]

“Help! I need rescue!” Bored of the same old bejeweled, match three games? SWEET ROAD is a tasty, exciting, BRAND NEW match 3 puzzle game! Help George the Gingerbread man! He is in trouble. You have a mission to complete. Get ready for a tasty, delicious rescue journey – lollipop, candy, chocolate, gummy jelly, cookies and many more await! Taste the wide variety of desserts yourself! Crunch the lollipops, move the jelly, combine the chocolates, swap the candy and save kidnapped gingerbread George! No time to waste! Begin your saga NOW! George is counting on you! SPECIAL FEATURE OF SWEET ROAD – COOKIE RESCUE ? TASTY match three puzzle game full of candy and dessert Sweet Road is full of tasty, delicious candy and dessert! It’s not just about swapping and matching the boring shapes! It’s not just a boring bejeweled game! There’s a whole wide variety of sweets to choose from! Extra candies mean extra fun! Swap, move and match the sweets and solve the fun, exciting match three puzzle game! ? Never stop playing! New exciting and challenging LEVELS Are you a match 3 game expert? No need to worry! Sweet Road is not an easy, boring, dull match three game! It’s full of new exciting and challenging levels! We update new levels on a regular basis. New levels are released EVERY WEEK! Play now and explore the 1600+ different levels. Gingerbread George is waiting for your rescue! ? Play a wide variety of different puzzle MODES Bored of playing the same game over and over again? Play the variety of different game modes that Sweet Road has! Taste the different desserts! Rescue George the Gingerbread man in various exciting game modes! ? Create and Use special ITEMS Using items will always get you a higher chance of winning! Create powerful Special Candies by matching 4 or more sweet candies! Use the items you create. They will give you extra power and help you on your road to success! ? Play even when you are OFFLINE Annoyed when you download a game and suddenly it won’t let you play when you don’t have internet? Scared that you might be overcharged for using too much internet while playing a game? No need to worry. Sweet Road allows you to play WHENEVER you want WHEREVER you are, whether that may be deep in the Pacific Ocean or the Sahara Desert! Forget about Wi-Fi! Forget about cellular data! Focus on your game! Focus on Sweet Road! Focus on your job – saving George! ? Beautiful GRAPHICS Sweet Road has the best in-game graphics. Enjoy the high-quality lollipop, gummy jelly, candy and chocolate while playing the tasty match three puzzle game! ? George the Gingerbread Cookie needs RESCUE George the Gingerbread man is arguably THE BEST looking gingerbread cookie of all time. This man needs YOUR HELP! Come to his rescue, and perhaps he might get you a new tasty lollipop as a token of appreciation? TASTY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ? FREE to play It’s FREE! You need not pay anything to play Sweet Road! You do have the option to purchase items that will assist you in your road to saving George the gingerbread man, but this is completely optional. If you do not wish to purchase in-app items, simply turn off in-app purchases in the settings! All set! ? Additional ads Sweet Road may contain ads for other similar exciting games that you might enjoy! Don’t hesitate to check them out! Enjoying SWEET ROAD? ? Like us on Facebook to see new updates and free tasty rewards: http://www.facebook.com/sweetroadgame ? Visit our Help Center for some sweet assistance: https://sweetroad.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


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