Subway Santa Run
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  •         All set for Christmas? From the decorations to mouth-watering hot chocolates and other desserts, we all love preparing for Christmas Eves. No one wants to miss ...

Subway Santa Run

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All set for Christmas? From the dec [详情]

All set for Christmas? From the decorations to mouth-watering hot chocolates and other desserts, we all love preparing for Christmas Eves. No one wants to miss the fun of this most awaited festival, be it downloading festive movies for Christmas or inviting friends at our place; this occasion is all about spreading love and fun. How about doubling the fun with an all-new unique Christmas themed game? With our Subway: Santa Run game, you can now multiply the amusement of this Christmas. This infinity running game is perfect to play during the Christmas Holidays to feel the real fun. This Christmas themed game is designed to give real life to all your Santa fantasies. The game feels easy to play because we keep its control very user-friendly so that you will find it fun yet simple. All you need to do is to help our Santa to run faster and collect all the gifts that come along on the run in a subway. The 3D game graphics will give you a real touch and make you feel as if the Santa is running in real. Besides, the soundtrack that keeps playing while you face challenges of each level; gives you an immense motivation to run faster and combat all the dangers that you come across. So, brace yourself to play an endless running challenge where you have to help the moving Santa who needs to collect maximum gifts and finds a way out of the frozen subway to reach his village; where he can give away all the presents on Christmas. Also, the evils are chasing him, so he needs to save himself by running as fast as he can while collecting the gifts on his way. Subway: Santa Run is the most fun and addictive touch gameplay that will keep you engaged for several hours. Moreover, this game is suitable for every age-group, be it, kids or adults, everyone is sure to love this compulsive running game. Help our the Santa bypass all the obstructions, collect all the gifts and run to complete all the levels, make this Christmas and new year holidays fantastic with this Subway: Santa Run!!! Join this endless gift quest, children are waiting, and so gear up yourself to endure the biggest Christmas adventure of your life!!! Try not to miss any of the gifts that you find on your run through the frosted subway. ___________________________________________________________ Salient Features Of Subway: Santa Run ___________________________________________________________ - Easy and enjoyable game mechanics - Artistic graphics - Various obstacles - Smooth touch controls - Touch the screen to make the Santa run. - Collect all the gifts to give away them to the Christmas kids. - Run and complete all the levels. - Enjoy the best Subway: Santa Run soundtrack. - So many challenging levels ***How to play*** 1. All you need to do is just to tap the phone screen to make the Santa jump and bypass the obstacles. 2. Collect as many Christmas gifts as you can, without being struck by the challenges. 3. Run to the edge of the frosted Subway to pass each level.


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