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  •         SODR- Saviour of data realm A First-Person Shooter action game with coding. This game is made for the people who want to experience a whole new level of learni...


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SODR- Saviour of data realm A Firs [详情]

SODR- Saviour of data realm A First-Person Shooter action game with coding. This game is made for the people who want to experience a whole new level of learning with an added advantage of gaming. This game is built on the game-based learning principles. The game is about building your data cloud empire by collecting different forms of data, destroying viruses and in the process tackling different challenges. App Features: - 6 programming languages: - To make learning interesting, we have created an interactive FPS game which will help you master the programming languages like never before. This app provides you with 6 different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, PHP and C#. Game play: - To make it interesting and time intensive we have a total game play of 3 hours. Multiple challenges: - Multiple challenges to keep you motivated throughout the game. These challenges vary from correcting the errors in a program, finding out a missing line in a program, figuring out the program logic, finding the output of the program and answering programming language related quiz questions. Each of these challenges will help you earn points and unlock levels within the game. Since this is a game-based learning app hence tackling each of these challenges will give you the necessary boost and ammo to destroy viruses, collecting special data and unlock the room doors. App Description: - About this app: - An FPS coding and programming game to help you assess different programming languages. C SODR Programming Game C programming is the best language to start your programming journey. This game helps you learn C programming language and enhance your coding skills in C language C++ SODR Programming Game C++ is a sophisticated, efficient and a general-purpose programming language based on C This game helps you learn C++ programming language in a very easy way PHP SODR Programming Game It is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for web development. This game helps you master PHP in a short span of time JAVA SODR Programming Game Java is a popular general-purpose programming language and computing platform. It is fast, reliable, and secure. This game helps you master java in depth and enhance your ability of coding C# SODR Programming Game C# is a general-purpose, modern and object-oriented programming language. This game helps you master C#, which is one of the best and modern language. Python SODR Programming Game Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. This game helps you learn and polish your coding skills Top the Leaderboard: - Get coding, challenge your friends and top our Leaderboard Be the Savior: - Collect enough data to be the savior and build a data empire. Be the Coder: - Code in different programming languages to load ammos for destroying viruses and earning points Other benefits from this game: - Evaluate yourself with fun: - Have fun while playing game and sharpen your programming skills MOTIVATION: - Games provide with rewards like Score, Badges, place in Leaderboards, etc., which motivates the player to play more and move forward in the game. MULTI-TASKING: - Games have scenarios where the player must think fast and achieve multiple tasks at once. This will help the Player to develop Multi-Tasking Mentality. PRACTICE: - Games make you achieve the goal repeatedly, which strengthens the players memory. COMPETITION: - Games provide the player with competition like rank, points, Leaderboard placement, badges, etc which motivates the player to play the game more. MASTER PROGRAMMING Master programming and test your skills on syntax, logic and concepts. LEARNING RETENTION Play and retain your programming skills Are you ready to save the data and build your own data empire!? Learn more on:


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