Indian Wedding Makeover,Makeup And Dressup: Part 2
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  •         Namaste! Here we are, once again with The Indian Wedding! The Great Royal Indian Wedding Rituals and Fashion Salon is all about, the Bride and the Groom, the Ma...

Indian Wedding Makeover,Makeup And Dressup: Part 2

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Namaste! Here we are, once again wi [详情]

Namaste! Here we are, once again with The Indian Wedding! The Great Royal Indian Wedding Rituals and Fashion Salon is all about, the Bride and the Groom, the Makeover and the Makeup, the Traditions and the Customs, the Fashion and the Style, the Ethnic and the Modern, the Wedding and the Preparations - We have covered these all from pre-wedding to post-wedding, from head to toe, from fun to memories!It's all about the Traditions and the Customs. Come and join as in this fairy tale adventure of great big royal indian wedding of Bride-the princess and Groom- the prince! Get ready for this famous Indian Celebrity Royal Wedding country theme wedding makeover and it's preparations! Give your presence by playing this The Indian Wedding and witness this Asian wedding by participating in below activities: Feet Decoration : Feet can't be left out for the bride, they are equally important. Anklet is a traditional piece worn around the ankles is meant to announce arrival of the new bride in her husband's house with its tinkling sound. Hair Decoration : Gajra or flower garland is a strings of flowers. Makeup For Wedding : For every girl, marriage is one of the most memorable and important day in her whole life, so looking best on this special day is the wish of each girl. Bride's Dressup For Wedding : Girls start dreaming about their wedding dress from very young age. It holds so much importance as every girl wants to look stunning on one of her biggest day of life! Groom's Dressup For Wedding : In a hustle bustle of a wedding, it is equally important for the groom to be impeccably dressed and looking his best as it is for the bride to be beautifully attired. Wedding : - Varmala: The bride and groom exchange flower garland and take sort of vow in which they promise to be united forever. Kanyadaan/Hastamelap: The father of a bride will place his daughter's hand in the groom's. He states that his family has accepted the groom and wishes for the groom's family to accept the bride. Gathbandhan: The bride's dupatta is tied to her groom's scarf as a symbol of their union. Saptapadi: The bride and groom tale seven steps around the havan together while reciting a vow for each. Across the world, each step may mean something different. Sindoor and Mangalsutra: The groom applies the sindoor(red powder) to the parting in his bride's hair. Wedding Photoshoot : How can any wedding end without a splendid photoshoot? Afterall, wedding is a lifetime memories! It's the pictures that will be looked at, by generations to come! It is a best way to immortalize your special days. Makeup For Reception : By the time of a reception, every bride gets weary and tired from all the hustle bustle of the wedding. But it is an almost last post-wedding function of her own wedding and again it will remain special for her and her Mr.right for the lifetime! Bride's Dressup For Reception : A wedding reception is a party usually held after the completion of marriage ceremony. Groom's Dressup For Reception : As reception is something which does not requires rituals and is last function of the wedding. Reception Photoshoot : Years down the lane, these photos will remind the couple how wonderful moments they have spent together! With these photos they would flash back their wedding days, all the laughter, all the tears, all the stress, all the happiness, funny stories and many more emotions attached to them. So let's have a quick and last photoshoot for this lovely couple as their lifetime memories. Download this Indian Makeover and Makeup Game now and have a good time enjoying indian culture! Hope you all would like it! Let us know your suggestions/feedbacks, we will be more than happy to hear them!


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