Idle Skilling - Incremental RPG Adventure
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  •         Idle Skilling - Incremental RPG Adventure Idle your way to max stats! If you love leveling up, this will be your next favorite Idle game! Level up your Attack...

Idle Skilling - Incremental RPG Adventure

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Idle Skilling - Incremental RPG Adv [详情]

Idle Skilling - Incremental RPG Adventure Idle your way to max stats! If you love leveling up, this will be your next favorite Idle game! Level up your Attack, mining, fishing, crafting, and more, while casting spells and upgrading skill trees! Even when you are offline! ~~~ GAME FEATURES ~~~ Idle your way to the top! -The game plays itself, whether you have it open or not! -Offline progress, so you can level up while you sleep! Upgradeable Characters and Perks -Upgrade 20+ Idle Skilling heroes on your journey to reach Max Stats! -Each hero gives its own unique EXP! -Attack, Strength, Health, Mining, Smithing, and Fishing! -A diverse skill tree with 30 unique perks to spend your Skill Points on! Battle Monsters -Fight 300+ Monsters for huge amounts of Gold and Loot Drops! -Cast 10 different Spells, from Meteors to Poison Clouds! Collect Resources -Mine 16 different Ores and Gems! -Catch 30 different fish, from small minnows to legendary sea serpents! Craft Items with Smithing Skill -Forge 60+ unique Items and trinkets to help you in battle! -Each Item can be upgraded over 100 times! -Create awesome Food Recipes to use in Battle! Epic Raid Fights -Fight 12 fearsome Raid bosses in the Raid Theater! They're extra challenging! -Earn Awards from Raid bosses, to spend on cool upgrades! New Game+ -Reset your game to earn Relic Bonuses! These last forever, and change up the game! And other cool stuff that didn't fit in the above criteria -Complete quests in secret areas! These areas are very tricky to find! -A Halloween event shop that will update with each coming season! -Tons of future updates from a developer who cares about his game <3 Travel through the grasslands, desert, mountains, mist, and dungeon, slaying hundreds of monsters and collecting epic loot in this Idle RPG! Tap to cast awesome spells, upgrade your stats with unique skill perks and craft legendary items to defeat your enemies! Train up your skillers to win in Idle Skilling, the epic incremental idle RPG! This Idle game is a breath of fresh air. There are so many things to do and so many ways to play, that gameplay will not get stale! And everything will always run, whether you are active, idle, or offline! New updates and features will keep you coming back for more! Wow you're still reading the description? If you're still on the fence, let me flip a coin for you-- heads you play the game, tails you dont. Here we go! Oh no it landed tails. Well, don't some silly coin make decisions for you! Go play the game already, and take control of your life! There are also hidden areas to uncover, but only the smartest players will figure out how to access them! In these areas you can talk to NPCs and fulfill their quests, earning you amazing bonuses that are otherwise not possible to get! This game was made by a developer who really put his all into making an enjoyable experience. So if you like the game and want to help make it better, feel free to reach out to me and give me your suggestions! I'd love to hear what you have in mind!


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