High School Girls-Space Sword Fighting Games 2018
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  •         High School Girls-Space Sword Fighting Games 2018 is a role playing game a sequel to the previous high school girl game. As we previously know through high scho...

High School Girls-Space Sword Fighting Games 2018

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High School Girls-Space Sword Fight [详情]

High School Girls-Space Sword Fighting Games 2018 is a role playing game a sequel to the previous high school girl game. As we previously know through high school girls- Sword Fighting game. Aki fought fumi in the end of the previous game. Aki saw someone in the portal. Someone with an evil aura. She rushed into the portal fumi made. Ending up into another dimension , a strange planet with oxygen ! and tons of aliens along with undead creatures. But that's not all . Just like Aki went through the portal there were other fighters who simultaneously went through other portals. Seems like fumi wasn't the only one making portals ! Now they have to find a way to see who was in the portal and then go back home. They did not know that the portal they are about to enter has enormous amounts of energy. It wiped out all of their memories now they're like a clean slate, Yet they know how to fight ! Enraged with these circumstances they swear to slay all these night creatures to end this grim nightmare. You can select any character you want to. New characters are introduced in the story . Backstory: Aki belongs to a noble family that has a long history of fighting the dark entities. They have special spiritual powers which they can use to fight dark demonic creatures. Fumi on the other hand is a half demon & half human. An outcast for the demons and humans. She has no place to call home, Fumi decides to bring havoc on to the human world for that reason. You will be using fierce weapons which can be the ultimate first person shooter experience. The game is more like superhero vs villains. Protector of justice! Aki has honor and would do anything to uphold it. Stay true to your samurai blade, other wise it can go dull. This is all about sword fighting madness! Trapped , surrounded by mortal enemies and immortal super heroes ranging from aliens,zombies, demons, half breeds, wildings and corrupted knights alike, show everyone the rage of the shinobi . Now is the ultimate time to strike them down. You are trained by a ninja shinobi sensei to become a sword fighter. Highschool girls Sword Fighting is a game where you find yourself inside situations similar to BattleGround Survival Games. Sneak up on enemy fighters and zombies and wildlings alike with stealth techniques. This anime sword fighting game is all about mortal survival blood revenge. Omae wa mou shindeiru she says as she kill aliens and demons. An Evil samurai ,ninja sword fighters and warriors you can find all of them in it. Its one of the best samurai warrior games. Both characters have different fighting styles. From the infinite blade of the world, you now can choose the immortal blades from the most precious armoury available. Omae wa mou shindeiru she says as she kill zombies. One is more like a samurai and the other is like a deadly ninja. Uphold your silent kunoichi honor and Use your Kung fu skills as you impersonate the Japanese hitman to infiltrate enemy territory, start slashing enemies with your samurai assassin survival skills. Easily on of the Best ninja warrior games. Make sure this doesn't turn into another survival battleground. Be one of the ultimate Japanese girls who take on devious succubus like evil creatures. If you love sword fighting games , you're going to love this anime Ninja Legends Combat game because its fun to play and you'll have tons of hours of fun as you join the ninja battle as one of the Highschool Assassins. Live up to your legend as the great Sword Fighting Champion. Never lose your way, Be the ultimate super hero who stands above all the other super heroes present on planet earth and beyond ! Game Features: - Spooky Space Environment - Many Weapons to Choose from, with Different Particle Effects - Unique Costumes - Different Characters to Play with - Challenging Levels - With Boss Fights - Anime effects - Special Moves - Anime Style Animations


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