Gus Dstryr tr 3D
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  •         Aren’t you interested in some adventures? If yes, then this you are going to do adventures in GUNNER’S BATTLEFIELD. You will be catching war scenes and experien...

Gus Dstryr tr 3D

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Aren’t you interested in some adven [详情]

Aren’t you interested in some adventures? If yes, then this you are going to do adventures in GUNNER’S BATTLEFIELD. You will be catching war scenes and experiencing the latest 2019 version of best gunner and sniper shooting. Gunship Destroyer Shooter 3D is the game that will give you challenging missions where your main motive will be to save and defend the military base and maintain your absolute survival by avoiding enemy strikes. Enemy’s forces are quite strong in the game, they will be playing evil’s game. As you have to win the gunner’s war at all cost so you have to counter attacks from helicopter gunships, Humvees, F16 aircraft missiles, tanks, sniper shooters, infantry soldiers and cruel terrorist suicide bombers. You will have to kill them all in Gunship Destroyer Shooter 3D game. In this action filled gun shooting game, you will play in an immersive 3d environment where you will experience real gunner battlefield scenes. You will find yourself Gunship Destroyer Shooter 3D is a complete war gun shooting arena game. It is not just about gunner shooting game. The game has full war setting with snipers, machines and gunships. As a gunship destroyer game you will have to destroy the gunships as they are the decisive for your victory. You will have to defend you base as your base is present on the outskirts of the city which means that if the enemy or terrorist get hold of your base then they can go into the civil area and cause destruction. So, your primary mission is to defend your base by fighting, survival skills, gun shooting, and war combat tactic. In addition to this, for defense you can use of other army elite forces like navy, air force and military. With all these, you forces will have the modern battlefield tanks, missiles, air crafts and air jets that will be doing air strike. Thus, you will be killing your enemy and terrorist and preventing the city from its plague. By doing all these missions successfully, you will become an elite military army commando soldier and hero military army commando soldier. Gunship Destroyer Shooter 3D makes you the best gunner, rifleman, marksman and the best sniper shooter. So, in order to become the best shooter of all time download and play this amazing 3D war gunner gun shooting game. Prove yourself to be a true hero commander and kill all the terrorists and enemies and protect the civilians and the city. So, enjoy the amazing Gunship Destroyer Shooter 3D game and rate and review us for support. Features of the game are: -- Excellent environment with realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario -- Fabulous sound effects complementing the well-built storyline -- Real ambush shooting scenes with efficient weapon movement and controls -- Realistic enemy forces with amazing graphics -- Real helicopters and tanks with 3 shooting points -- Easy GUI and user friendly easy controls -- First Person Shooter game -- Addictive gameplay with real war battlefield -- FREE to PLAY game with UNIQUE GAMEPLAY -- Extreme action, GREAT SNIPER GAME, -- TOTALLY FREE GREAT ACTION GAME -- AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGE GROUPS, SO SNIPE THE ENEMY -- The BEST SHOOTING GAME with stylized graphics -- TRICKY AND CHALLENGING LEVELS -- Action packed and REALIISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE -- AIM AND SHOOT AND KILL THE TARGETS -- MODERN WEAPONS TO ATTACK ENEMY


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