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  •         The aim of the game is to rescue a POW from the camp. As you start you need to collect many items such as TNT, mines and fuses to make it across several maps an...

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The aim of the game is to rescue a [详情]

The aim of the game is to rescue a POW from the camp. As you start you need to collect many items such as TNT, mines and fuses to make it across several maps and finally rescuing the POW. On the way there are obstacles and guards trying to prevent you from doing so. You start the game with five lives, called "Left" in the menu. You receive more by completing maps and scoring points. There are a few ways to die in the game. Most common is to be shot, fall into water, blow up by a mine or TNT and even driven over by a tank. As you start a map, the game shows you the overall look. Then you begin at the left side. Whenever you die, you will have to restart from here but the rest of the map will keep the way you left it. [Controls] Cycle through the inventory with the A button. It isn't always working well. You may need to hold down the button for a second or so. If you only quickly tap the A button with a direction key you will shot your gun that way. Use the B button to place ladders, as well as picking them up again. Hold A and walk away to place down TNT and its fuse. The more you walk away the longer the wire will burn. As soon as you let go it will be ignited so make sure you are far enough away. To place a mine, simply press A once. When equipping the wire clipper, press against the fence and slowly press the B button a few times until the guy gets working. By pressing SELECT you can see your inventory, such TNT, Fuses, Ladders, Mines and Clippers. You may also choose to quit the game from this screen, so do not select 'abort' by mistake, 'next' actually returns you to the game. Press START to see your statistics such as which level you are in, your score and how many lives are left. [Score] The game has many ways to reward you with points, mostly shooting enemies, destorying objects and picking up equipment. Barrel 500 Bridge 100 Column 500 Guard Tower 300 House 500 Prison Camp 3000 Radar 300 Sentry 50/100 Tank 700 Picking up Items: Clippers 1000 Key 500 Ladder 500 Mine 20 TNT 40 Wire 200 Finally, fleeing with the POW awards you with 5,000 points. [Time] At first you have 5:00 minutes to complete a level. Your overall time is also recorded in the pause menu. You may want to try out for a better time when you get the hang of the controls. Unfortunately the rounds will accumulate the time instead of resetting it back to 0. After each round the time to complete a map is reduced to make things more difficult. Download now and enjoy !


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