Gam Fu Grls Vacats
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  •         Elsa & Moana Tours Elsa and Moana are very excited to travel and decided to create the final travel notes so they will remember their journey forever. Would yo...

Gam Fu Grls  Vacats

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Elsa & Moana Tours Elsa and Moana [详情]

Elsa & Moana Tours Elsa and Moana are very excited to travel and decided to create the final travel notes so they will remember their journey forever. Would you like to help Elsa and Moana in the handicrafts? Play a new and amazing game called Elsa and Moana Travel Diary and make sure to create the most beautiful diary. Start this fun game by choosing the design of the album you will create. Once you select your favorite one go ahead and browse all the beautiful photos picked up by the girls and choose the ones you want to have in the diary. On their last trip, both Moana and Elsa went to Berlin, Iceland and the Caribbean. You can choose great filters for photos. Of course, there is no full album without stamps and wonderful posters. Use your imagination to create a great album look and make your photos stand out. Now the girls will get wonderful travel notes to browse when they want to return to their amazing times. ##### The princesses are comfortable weekend It's always good to have some extra time for yourself to enjoy all your favorite activities. The best friends and roommates of Sama, Dina and Elsa love the weekend and want to make the most of it by planning leisure and relaxation activities. Want to join the fun? Play a new and fun game called Princesses Comfy Weekend and help prep the weekend. The first stage of the game requires you to show your girls your interior design skills, where you will have to decorate each room of the girl's room. Start by choosing the princess and then go to her room to decorate her. Choose some fresh flowers, add comfortable cushions and add beautiful lights to adjust the mood. Choose a color scheme for the office and do not forget to decorate the walls. Do the same for the rest of the princesses, then go on to the next part of the game, which is dressy, do you have a blast playing Princesses comfortably weekend and enjoy! ##### Princesses trained legendary creatures Everyone loves this wonderful game and your favorite princesses are no exception. They love to play this game and spend all their free time wandering around the city in search of their favorite mythological creatures. If you like these characters as much as you like, come on and play a new game called Princesses, trained by legendary creatures. Choose the princess you want to play and start the first stage of the game, a stage dressup. You will have to wear your princess dress as an authentic mythological creatures boss, so browse the wardrobe and take a look at the beautiful items available before choosing all your favorite things. Make the princess look beautiful and then set off and move on to the second stage of the game. You'll have to join your princess as she scour the city to find the legendary creatures. When you see one, be sure to use the mouse arrow to catch it. Find as many of the legendary creatures as possible and help the princess become the master of true mythical creatures. Enjoy a lot of playing in the game princesses trained legendary creatures. ? You’ve got tons of social media fans following you around the world ? Will you wow them with your awesome adventures? - Making up your princess avatar with various of combinations of makeup items - Dressing up your princess avatar with shiny pretty royal dresses ? We created many different fashion clothes and we guarantee that you will be able to find everything you are looking for inside our dressing game! Change the girl's style to be like a world class fashion model ?? no internet game - Three monster princesses are waiting for your makeup talent and skills - High quality graphics and sounds


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