Galaxy Traffic Rider Space Game
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  •         Galaxy Traffic Rider is a new fast tron bike racing in space game with smooth control you've never experienced before! So Jump onto your super tron motorcycle a...

Galaxy Traffic Rider Space Game

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Galaxy Traffic Rider is a new fast [详情]

Galaxy Traffic Rider is a new fast tron bike racing in space game with smooth control you've never experienced before! So Jump onto your super tron motorcycle and drive as fast as possible and become a real Space traffic rider. Users will assume a main role of a tron bike racer on a space to beat the Galaxy Spaceship traffic rush and become a space bike racer. You play many Space racing games before but this Space moto racing game comes with new Ideas and Features So Now Become a Glory of the Galaxy bike racer in one of the best Space moto bike Racing Game 2018.So get ready to race on your bike tron.legacy will be yours but remember that this is not so easy. All you have to do is overtake as many Spaceships as you can and become master in Space Tron Bike Racing, but don't crash your motorbike! Earn cash and unlock new high speed Motorbikes and make the traffic become your rivals. There is also a time limited missions that give you more Fun But To become a professional extreme Space moto rider in real life no need to drift or do burnouts like a Galaxy stunt racer just focus and overtake other Spaceship Vehicles carefully. Ride your bike in the endless Galaxy roads overtaking the Spaceship traffic vehicles, buy new high speed lightbike to unlock new amazing Levels and difficulties but full of adventures. Show your Bike Racing Skills by using One Wheel feature of this game and you also get double coins while running your bike on one wheel. So hurry up there is a lot of fun waiting for you. As a Real Galaxy Bike Racer you need to know what overtake decision is good for you and there is also other Overtaking Spaceship Vehicles that confuse you so avoid crashing into other vehicles! And travel long distance to enjoy amazing Galaxy Space City environment and a lot more is waiting for you. Avoid crashing is great work that give you more money so drive Space Tron Bike overtake as many cars as you can and become a Glory of the Galaxy.Bike racing in space is not so easy so be careful . Galaxy Traffic Rider Space Game Offers many Difficult and challenging missions in traffic rider contain amazing Space 3d environment So become a Galaxy Moto Racer 2018 the best Space Bike Racing game for your mobile with Realistic Bike physics and addictive game play awaits you! Try to become the best Bike Racer master in Galaxy Traffic Rider .So what are you waiting for . Galaxy Traffic Rider Space Game Features : ?Realistic motorbike handling ?High-quality 3d camera mode ? Incredible 3D graphics setting even on low-end devices. ? Different motorbikes to choose from. ? Real Engine sounds. ? Detailed environments. ? Tilt steering, buttons and steering wheel Control ? Endless game mode. ? The faster you ride, the more scores you get. ?Bike Wheeling, Get Double Coins. ? While driving overtake Spaceship Vehicles closely to get bonus Coins. ? Easy to learn and drive. ? Offline Free to play.


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