Cooking Kitchen Fever - Crazy Cook Chef
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  •         A NEW fashion in COOKING games and CHEF games! Feel the COOKING FEVER in FAST TAP, COOK and SERVE. Enjoy all the Cooking gestures in the Kitchen with your fin...

Cooking Kitchen Fever - Crazy Cook Chef

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A NEW fashion in COOKING games and [详情]

A NEW fashion in COOKING games and CHEF games! Feel the COOKING FEVER in FAST TAP, COOK and SERVE. Enjoy all the Cooking gestures in the Kitchen with your fingers, and Cook Food in word-wide restaurants like a Crazy Chef! Fast Cook & Have more FUN in this addictive kitchen game - TAP, SERVE & COLLECT, Easy to play! - Get More FUN Dash though the cooking service! - Play More, Reward More! Upgrade the food and kitchenware in a smart order to pass levels more quickly! Tap to Cook and Serve the customers fast and time wisely to get more TIPS! Create Combos to earn more COINS! Ready to take this challenge? Come on! Don't miss the chance to be a top world class chef! Download and Start COOKING right now! Enjoy the Cooking Joy and Time-Management Fun in this fabulous cooking game! Produced by top cooking games professionals, this Free Kitchen Game does nothing but provides: - the ?Easiest gameplays - the ?Smoothest game operations - the ?Most Fluent game experiences Plenty of Game Levels makes you be the COOKING MASTER: - Fry, Bake, Boil, Steam, Simmer and Grill magical ingredients to make worldwide food - Mix various and special drinks and wines ?? - Serve your customers breakfast, luck, dinner and deserts - Bake donuts, cook cookies, grill burgers and tasty steaks - Make coffee??colaice-creamand variety of drinks … - Update in a regular base with new restaurants, dishes and gameplays - Download and updated once, play offline always ? - Cook anywhere, anytime to promote your cooking skills and serve customers better - 100% FREE to reach the top place in the cooking field Various Challenges & Targets: - Serve the customers quickly to reach enough dishes - Keep the customers happy and get their likes - Earn as many coins as you can to upgrade the kitchenware and food - Unlock more restaurants to learn top class cuisine all over the world - Complete tasks and achievements to get rewards - Play extra job to earn more coins Multiple Strategies, Tips and COOKING Skills: - Manage your serving time ? and order in the rush hour - Create more combos to get extra bonuses - Upgrade the kitchenware ? and kitchen appliances to produce more and quickly - Upgrade the ingredients and food ? to increase your earnings - Apply the useful boosts to get help in the hard level Chef World, Free to Play, More FUN - Get 3 chef stars in every levels to become the chef master - Promote your skills, better Time Management - Play the top Cooking games for FREE Most of cooking games are for girls, but this one is never a girls only game. Boys also can find a lot of fun by this new, free, and addictively interesting cooking game! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions with the game: [email protected] Like Us on Facebook to Stay Up-to-Date Customers and guests are waiting for the Super Chef in the restaurant! What are you waiting for? Don’t waste the time! Come on and DOWNLOAD the game Right Now!


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