Chachi Game augmented reality * Win money
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  •         PLAY IN AUGMENTED REALITY AND WIN PRIZES Play in augmented reality and win fantastic daily prizes for your ability. Download the app and discover 5 fun games....

Chachi  Game augmented reality * Win money

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PLAY IN AUGMENTED REALITY AND WIN PRIZES Play in augmented reality and win fantastic daily prizes for your ability. Download the app and discover 5 fun games. Woah! Chachi arrives with many novelties! To discover them you just have to lift your mobile, move it around you... and the fun begins! There are 2 game modes available: ARCADE and TOURNAMENT. In the tournament you will compete to win money and in the Arcade, you can practice and win powerups, which will give you an advantage against your competitors in the Tournament. If you like fun games, and even more so fun games for free, Chachi is your game! Every day the top players win prizes (money directly deposited into your Paypal account). Moreover, discover how you can help save the planet by playing Chachi. We select the best NGOs that fight for causes such as reforestation, the protection of the oceans, the reduction of environmental pollution and the brake on global warming, among others. And we have entered into this initiative because we consider that: "Money is good. As good as you want it to be. Good money, green money!" HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Download the Chachi App. 2. Before heading to the Tournament, practice in the Arcade mode of the game. You can play Arcade mode games as many times as you like. 3. When you are ready, enter to compete in the Tournament! 4. To compete you will need 500 luxes, but do not worry because every 24h you will automatically receive 1,500 luxes. 5. Every 24 hours there is a new game in the Tournament in which you can earn money with your mobile. 6. The players who score the highest in the Tournament will be winning the money! 7. Have you not won today? Do not worry! There is a new game every 24 hours. WHO WINS? Each day there are winners. The best players will take the money! Remember that it is a social game, you compete against all the players that have participated in that game. To win, you just have to play, play, and play! And do not forget to enjoy :) Train your fingers and if today you have not succeeded... try again tomorrow! Every day we give money to the most skilled players... will you be one of them? WHERE CAN I PLAY? You can play wherever you want while you have an internet connection, even where you are right now. Simply open the app, pick up your phone and turn around yourself. Yeaah, how easy! WHAT AWARDS DOES CHACHI GIVE? Win prizes with Chachi every 24h. Once you win, your prize will be paid through PAYPAL. The minimum that you must accumulate in order to collect the prize is 20€. If you do not have an account, you just have to create one for free. Depending on the day, you can win up to 500€. ?HOW CAN I GET MORE LUXES? No worries! Every 24h you will have 3 free games to play in the Tournament. If you want more, you can invite friends or play Arcade mode to get them. Now you can play without stopping! WHY DOES CHACHI GIVE MONEY? It is our way of attracting more players. We could invest everything in advertising campaigns like other apps do, but we prefer to reward the best players of the day so they can play again and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We want you to continue enjoying and playing daily with the motivation of taking cash prizes that can brighten up your day. And if you also donate your prize or part of it to the selected NGO each month, we will join forces in the protection of our planet. ?? ? IS IT TRUE THAT CHACHI GIVES AWAY CASH PRIZES? Totally true. Take advantage because we do not know how long we will be so generous, and you will be able to earn so much money with the App ;) But right now, compete and win up to 500€ (prizes changing everyday), directly deposited into your Paypal account, so you can spend it on whatever you feel like.?


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