Blokstok Bow Rescue Archery
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  •         Rescue the hostages with your bow and arrow - but be careful - it's an archery game with a twist, and a small mistake can cost your poor friends bad! The pull ...

Blokstok Bow Rescue Archery

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Rescue the hostages with your bow a [详情]

Rescue the hostages with your bow and arrow - but be careful - it's an archery game with a twist, and a small mistake can cost your poor friends bad! The pull and aim gameplay mechanic is familiar and easy to learn and hard to master. Call this game a clone of a game with birds that are angry, a copy and a borrowed idea, a copy or a steal- but after you play this once, you will want to play it forever and never feel like playing any birds, sniper or hostage game again! Play 35 Amazing awesome hand-crafted levels. 100+ Achievements. Google Play Leaderboards - beat your friends high-scores! Please mail us on [email protected] if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints OR if you find some level difficult or impossible! If you like our app- please do leave us a review and a star-rating. Also, please pay to remove ads-- because we are a hard-working team... and we need money to eat!!! 5-star ratings you leave for usmake us happy and motivate us to deliver more and more free stuff to you! The Story: The evil Blokstok corporation has done it again! It has kidnapped and put on gallows the best and brightest of humanity - from accross the world - and inspite of humanity's best efforts to fight back - it's somehow doing this again and again and again - in a variety of innovatively evil ways... You play as one of humanity's elite archers - as Malcolm or as Annika who as part of a force to save humanity - has to shoot arrows and cut the ropes that threaten to suffocate each captive and thus put an end to Blokstok corp's evil plans. Your own heroic efforts to save humanity from being cowed down apart - you are not alone. Humanity and even aliens that care about the fate of the earth have infiltrated the evil Blokstok corp - and though it hasn't been able to totally foil its evil designs - the spies have indeed planted various devices, gadgets and even what some would see as gimmicks to foil these evil plans. The gadgets and gimmicks you may see to help you include - but are not limited to: 1. Cosmic deflecto-reflectors - to deflect and reflect arrows into their targets. 2. Teleporters - to shoot arrows into targets that have no line of sight to the targets. 3. Suicidal sheep - that are sheep loaded with barrels of explosive - to topple the boxes blocking arrows from targets. And many more... But you gotta be careful not to hit the innocents - because once they are hit - their life is limited and they would either suffocate or die from the arrow wounds... So go for it... Earn achievements and do what you can to save the world!!! Released and loved by 60,000+ players on Samsung Tizen Store and now on Android and ios. Please show us some love & like / follow us: To subscribe email updates about this and other games & free stuff & access to unreleased games from us, click this:


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