Bhuvneshwar Kumar Official Cricket Game
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  •         GameGiri is splendidly present first official cricket game on Indian fast bowler which is along the all-rounder of team India- Bhuvneshwar Kumar Official Cricke...

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Official Cricket Game

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GameGiri is splendidly present firs [详情]

GameGiri is splendidly present first official cricket game on Indian fast bowler which is along the all-rounder of team India- Bhuvneshwar Kumar Official Cricket Game. Step into the Shoes of most Valuable player from Indian Team which is primarily known as King of Swing/ Swing Star. Experience the legend's journey of all-rounder in the best cricket game with real and authentic playing modes- Story, Challenge and Quick Play. The New Games is equipped with simple, real and easy controls. "BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR" official cricket game is enhanced and crafted with the world’s best cricket playing teams too. The gameplay created with a motive to engross and provide the best overwhelming experiences to all the game players around the world. Therefore, for the first time experience and check out the various batsman shots- cover drive, leg glance, bye area etc and bowling actions- knuckleball, cutter, out swing etc within the game. Despite this, this stimulation has been wrapped with the real story-mode journey of the legend all starting from Duleep trophy up to a tour of South Africa. The stupendous gameplay caters with additional add-ons: King of Swing/swing star(Batting and Bowling challenge mode) with intense challenges and soaring rewards. The quick play option unpacking for those cricket lover’s who love playing short format game on stimulation asides the best 8 cricket playing teams. Besides this, the real signature moves can experience three authentic and real stadium all from India. Note: Bhuvneshwar Kumar: official Cricket Game is launched with the single-player option at the initial stage. However, the multiplayer option will be added in upcoming updates. Scooping Features:- Controls:- ?Simple, authentic and real controls – Gameplay is derived with real swipe and tap controls and delivers like playing real cricket stimulation. Modes:- ?Story Mode- Play the official cricket stimulation from the beginning journey of Bhuvneshwar Kumar with Duleep Trophy to various tournaments. ?Challenge Mode- Includes, the Batting and Bowling Challenge mode- experience the Bhuvi real bowling action like in-swing,out-swing, blockhole yorker, bouncer, slow bouncer, cutter and knuckleball. ?Quick Play- Play against the world’s defending top and best eight cricket playing teams. And many more will be added soon. Veridical Gameplay:- ?New stadium from India- Wankhede. ?Selection of overs as per the choice want to play. ?Vigorous camera angle either from the batsman end or bowler end, which allows the players to play the favorite shots from best view. ?Leaderboards-Check in with Google to check where you stand among the friends and around the world. ?HQ sounds and commentary-experience and feel like playing around the world. Permission Required:- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE- To Check if the internet is available or not. INTERNET- To Download Additional in Game Content from Server, and play different online game modes BILLING- Enables in App Purchases


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