Army AntiTerrorism Strike
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  •         Army Anti-Terrorism strike is a realistic and adventurous front-line action military war game against terrorists. Play the role of an army commando контр стр?#23398;郄?..

Army AntiTerrorism Strike

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Army Anti-Terrorism strike is a rea [详情]

Army Anti-Terrorism strike is a realistic and adventurous front-line action military war game against terrorists. Play the role of an army commando контр стр?#23398;郄?and protect your country from brutal enemies with the help of sniper rifles and hand grenades in army battle simulator. Destroy the enemy’s base camps with latest army guns and reinforce peace in your city. In this army anti-terrorism strike enemies are loaded with heavy guns against which you have to start army men strike gunship attack. As a SWAT army commando shooter / контр стр?#23398;郄? you need to survive in the battlefield, start army game men strike defense and destroy power of terrorists in anti strike. As counter terrorist you need to engage by shooting enemies alone for other survival which is not an easy task in army games because the deadly terrorists are well trained and equipped with latest weapons, they can counter attack quickly. Give them a glance of your killer power and army game sniper shooter strength. Get ready to face some deadly challenges. Take the charge, kill all the enemies in their base camps and survive in the biggest strike. ? Make your way through multi killing missions, tear the terrorist squad apart with your anti-terrorist spirit and win army anti-terrorism strike game. ? Show your best sniper shooting, quick aiming and fighting skills against terrorists that you learned during army training so don't let them escape from your SWAT Commando Shooter operation. ? Army anti-terrorism is an addictive FPS commando shooter game with multiple challenges and commando combat levels to take the biggest revenge of all time. ? There is insane boundless adventure of army counter terrorist attack having 2 modes one is survival and the other is mission-based. ? Shoot terrorists in survival mode but you need to be very quick and responsive as you have to shoot in this sniper strike commando combat game. ? Army anti-terrorism is a level-based game complete 20 levels with different powerful guns to put down enemies and win the epic battle. ? With latest army guns hand grenades are also present that could be used against enemies. Complete different missions and unlock advanced weapons for army sniper strike shooting. ? Amazingly designed 3D graphics with realistic environment, animations, immersive counter terrorist game play physics, and smooth guns controls are the best part of this anti-terrorism game. If you are looking for sniper shooting games and want to live the life of special sniper warrior, then just download FPS army strike / контр стр?#23398;郄?and play as US sniper assassin. It's time to engage the enemy as front-line commando, destroy enemy troops as intelligent strike game and become a legend of this war against terrorists. Do give us your valuable feedback so that we can make improvements in future if required.


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