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  •         A starfleet battle royal where a total of 12 starfleets battle fleets in real time. You can play while competing fleet battle tactics with rivals all over the ...


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A starfleet battle royal where a to [详情]

A starfleet battle royal where a total of 12 starfleets battle fleets in real time. You can play while competing fleet battle tactics with rivals all over the world. This is a new concept of the battle fleet strategy game, which is the accompaniment and spin-out of the well-received Starfleet strategy "Celestial Fleet". Take over the overwhelming beauty graphics of Celestial Fleet, greatly strengthen the tacticity! Furthermore, we cope with battle play, cooperation play! Of course, speedy that one match is settled in a few minutes is still alive. [Basic game system] Players can operate while switching up to three fleets each. In cooperation with the ally players, while developing the strategy, we will defeat the tough opponents. ? Movement of fleet Movement and rotation of the fleet is possible by easy flick operation. The fleet will be deployed and deployed while ascertaining the war situation. ? "Strategy Phase" and "Combat Phase" During the mission phase, neither the enemy nor the enemy is attacked yet, only the movement of the fleet is possible. It is a phase that builds a fleet formation while searching for each other's attitude. After a certain period of time, bombardment starts and shifts to the "Combat Phase". During the battle phase, you can move the fleet or order an attack such as "torpedo" while monitoring the battle situation. The battle system consisting of these two phases achieves speedy deployment while a large number of space fleets participate in the battle. [Mission] The mission consists of two types of missions dedicated to multiplayer and some offline strategy missions. Strategy Mission is a tree-like exploratory mission, and you can unlock various items and game elements as you capture. There is also an opportunity to acquire a new space battleship by obtaining the design of the space battleship. [About the Starfleet] The player can select and play two types of powers, "Galaxy Commonwealth Space Fleet" or "Imperial Fleet". Each is made up of a unique spaceship. You can organize your own special fleet while combining the various space battleships and formations that you got! By capturing missions and acquiring materials, you can strengthen and nurture a space battleship and expand the formation. By strengthening your own fleet, you will be able to develop tactics and strategies that are one step ahead of rivals. You can enjoy fleet battle with powerful real-time 3D images. You can easily play the full-fledged space fleet tactics even in small gaps such as train commuting time and commuting time!


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