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  •         game rules 1.2+2=4 2.4+4=8 3.8+8=16 4.16+16=32 5.32+32=64 6.64+64=128 7.128+128=256 8.256+256=512 9.512+512=1024 10.1024+1024=2048 Just try to add 20...


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game rules 1.2+2=4 2.4+4=8 3.8+8 [详情]

game rules 1.2+2=4 2.4+4=8 3.8+8=16 4.16+16=32 5.32+32=64 6.64+64=128 7.128+128=256 8.256+256=512 9.512+512=1024 10.1024+1024=2048 Just try to add 2048, the game will win! This game has special features that enable the cheat button, but after use, the score will become 0, so care about the score, please use it carefully. The game has a teaching tip that you can watch at the top right button. ?2048 skills ????????1. The maximum number is placed in the corner as much as possible, and the numbers are arranged in the immediate order. First, the column or row in which the largest and the next largest number are satisfied is full. ????????We need to note that in order to keep the maximum number in the corner, all the maximum possible directions of movement can no longer be operated, such as selecting the upper left corner. ????????Then you can't move other squares to the right and down, so the flexibility of the operation will be relatively reduced and the difficulty will increase. ????????At this time, it is recommended that in addition to selecting a corner, the player will fix an edge and place a large number on the edge so that it can move in three directions. For example, select the upper left corner and fill all the squares on the right side of the maximum number. Moved up, left, and right. Since the second largest number should be as fixed as possible, we do not consider moving in four directions. ????????2. Always pay attention to the number of activities (32 or more) next to the number. This little trick requires us to develop a habit when playing this game. Otherwise, when the hard-working mergers are not together, you will cry! ????????3. Determine the primary and secondary directions, with the primary direction of movement of the large number. When it is not explicitly planned to obtain a certain number of certain grids, it is preferred to move in the main direction. ????????4. Don't rush to merge the same numbers. Many players are always eager to merge the same numbers, and the merged blocks are merged in the first place. ????????This is actually not conducive to us to take high scores, squares arranged into a regular rectangle, have to move the squares in the opposite direction of the large number of rows, it is easy to cause the formation collapse. At the same time, when large numbers are merged, ????????Very small numbers are easily stuffed into the big number. So we must think a few more steps, like playing chess, don't rush to "clean up the desktop." I wish you a good time! Enjoy the game! #Puzzle game


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2048 BATTLE游?#26041;?#22270;



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